Keeping an Eye on Bribie Island

Welcome to MyBribieIsland. This web page is about Bribie Island. It is written by Bribie Islanders for Bribie Islanders. Here at MyBribieIsland we are passionate about this wonderful part of the world. We choose to live on Bribie Island because it is so special and that’s why at MyBribieIsland we say…. “This is MY Bribie Island”.

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3 Responses to Bribie Island Somewhere Different and Special

  • Robert Longmuir says:

    I like Bribie Island. I like its views of the Glasshouse Mts. I love the Pumicestone Passage. I like the long beaches fronting the Coral Sea. I love Buckley’s Hole. I love the birdlife. I love the temperate weather and the regular summer showers. I am sure I am not alone in recognising the value in all of these things. But sadly, there is not much to love ON Bribie Island. Most of ‘man-made’ Bribie Island is ugly. We have ugly shops, ugly streetscapes, ugly parks and gardens and ugly town planning. When people talk of Beautiful Bribie, surely they are referring to its natural environmenbt. I am certain that the ugly ‘man-made’ Bribie is the main reason that so many people leave Bribie after initially falling in love with it. This of course then drives down real estate prices and puts pressure on small businesses.
    So Bribie Island has a challenge; fix up the ugliness ON Bribie and the people will flock here AND stay here!

  • Robert Longmuir says:

    Again we are seeing the shameful and undesirable incidence of domestic violence on the increase in Woorim. The latest incidence occurred in a street which has holiday makers, elderly residents and families with young children. It lasted for about 4 hours, well into the night, before someone finally called the police.
    To their great credit, the police once again handled the situation wery professionally.
    The community here are genuinely not ‘dobbers’ as can be witnessed by the length of time that elapsed before it was decided that enough was enough. But there can be no doubt whatsoever that this anti-social behaviour is driving people away from the area, never to return.
    This community cannot afford to let this continue. It may have been countenanced in the past as one of the ‘quirks’ of Bribie, but it is time for people to take action to put a stop to it. A start can be made if complaints are made to the renting agents. They have the power to evict bad tenants. Another way is for people to attend their Neighbourhood Watch meetings and report such cases. There are often police attending these meetings and they give good advice on how to manage such situations.
    The community must let it be known that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated.