Candidate Questionnaires Have Been Updated And Completed. Now Its Time For The Meet-The-Candidates Forums

The responses from those who announced after February 3, 2016 that they would be running in Division 1 have now been received and collated. As a result of information that has been recently made available, the opportunity has also been taken to update the responses from those who announced before Feb 3 that they would be running in Division 1.

The questionnaire responses show some differences in the backgrounds and platforms for various candidates.   Readers are encouraged to view these differences as they evaluate the merits of the candidates.

For responses from candidates announced before Feb 3, click here

For responses from candidates announced after Feb 3, click here.

Looking forward to the coming weeks, it is time for the meet-the-candidate forums. These will be held as follows:

March 2 @ Sandstone Point Hotel @ 6.30pm (Hosted by Bribie Weekly)

March 10 @ Sandstone Pt. Community Hall @ 7.30pm (Hosted by Sandstone Pt. Lions)

March 16 @ Bribie RSL @ 6.30pm (Hosted by Bribie Island Chamber of Commerce)

Readers are encouraged to attend these forums and, as the Bribie Weekly says…. Empower yourself with knowledge before the 2016 elections


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