Keeping an Eye on Bribie Island

Welcome to MyBribieIsland.  This web page is about Bribie Island.  It is written by Bribie Islanders for Bribie Islanders.  Here at MyBribieIsland we are passionate about this wonderful part of the world.  We choose to live on Bribie Island because it is so special and that’s why at MyBribieIsland we say…. “This is MY Bribie Island”.

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    • admin says:

      Readership about quadrupled in 2013. The most popular day, for some reason, was back in June when 1,896 “unique visitors” accessed the site that day. The overwhelming bulk of those visitors came from web sites in the Bribie Island area.

  • rodney hansen says:

    Unity Water Snap Shot .
    2012 14% Increase !
    2013 11% Increase!
    2014 10% Increase !
    2011 Water charge 1.65 !
    2014 Water Charge 2.68 !
    2011 Fixed Water Charge $86.50 !
    2014 Fixed Water Charge $214.70 !
    2011 Pedestal Charge $186.22 !
    2014 Pedestal Charge $215.24 !
    Rebates Ceased June 2013 !

    • admin says:

      Thank you for that information, Rodney. The cost of providing water services in MBRC has been the subject of a number of MBI Facebook entries. The Mayor and Council have blamed all the Unity Water increases on the cost of bulk water from the State Government and have refused to take any responsibility. Your numbers show that the cost for fixed charges has almost trebled since 2011. That is a Unity Water levy (= a Council levy) and has nothing to do with the State Government. Clearly, the ratepayers are not being told the correct story and Unity Water is being used by Council as a back door means of increasing taxes