Election Issues


Queenslanders will go to the polls twice in the first half of 2012. Once to elect a new State Government. And once to elect a new Local Government. So what are the major concerns of Bribie Island residents and how do we expect our elected representatives to address these concerns?

Canvassing of local residents by MyBribieIsland suggests the five major concerns of Bribie Islanders are:

• Decline in real estate values and resulting loss of personal worth. For many residents this could have an impact on pensions and other income
• Difficult business conditions. Many businesses have closed including a number of long-established Bribie businesses
• Cost of living increases as a result of increases in taxes and costs of government services that are well in excess of rate of inflation
• Decline in quality of life for residents. The uniqueness of Bribie Island that has attracted so many residents to come to live here is being consistently compromised by inappropriate government activities
• Lack of consultation. Major change projects are being implemented with little or no consultation with affected residents, and little or no concern about their overall long-term impact and costs

Canvassing by MyBribieIsland suggests that Bribie Island residents expect the following from their elected representatives and/or their governments to address these concerns:

• Ensure that any capital and maintenance works are to the benefit of Bribie Island residents – they make Bribie a more attractive place to live, they complement and/or enhance Bribie’s lifestyle, and they preserve and/or enhance the special environment of Bribie. Preference needs to be given to works that are for the benefit of those who live on Bribie and not those who visit Bribie.
• Governments need to move to implement the recommendations of MBRC’s 2021 Community Plan regarding support for local businesses. For example, support local businesses through government purchasing practises for goods and services
• Ensure that works undertaken meet “best-in-class” standards – they are engineered to relevant standards by qualified individuals who are familiar with Bribie’s special conditions, they comply with the law, and are implemented in accordance with the designs. “Quick fixes” and “emergency works” are to be avoided at all costs.
• Ensure residents who pay for, and are affected by government works, are consulted as outlined by the South East Queensland Conduct Review Panel, the 2021 Community Plan, and MBRC’s thinkoutloud guidelines for Community Engagement.
• Ensure the various laws and guidelines for protection of Bribie Island’s unique environment are understood and followed and enforced. These include the provisions of the Coastal Management Act, the Fisheries Act, the Conservation of Migratory Species, the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity and Conservation (EPBC) Act, and the Ramsar Agreement.

As the elections unfold, MyBribieIsland will be examining the platforms and policies of the various candidates and parties to see whether they are addressing the issues and concerns that Bribie Island residents have identified.