Seasons Greetings And Best Wishes To All Its Readers

MyBribieIsland (MBI) takes this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas to all of its many readers.  MBI also extends its best wishes to all for 2013.

MBI has not posted any new material for a while but that doesn’t mean there are no issues to be raised here on Bribie Island.  Nor does it mean that MBI is not interested in those issues.  But business and family matters, health issues, and Christmas holiday activities have all taken up the time of our volunteers.  Rest assured, there are a number of articles that are on the list for MBI in 2013.  These include:

Poverty on Bribie Island – Recent surveys show that despite the great increase in average earnings in Australia in the last few decades, more people today are living in poverty than ever before.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bribie Island’s post-code 4507 has one of the lowest average incomes of any post-code in Australia.   Poverty is certainly an issue here.  In 2013, MBI will look at how this poverty shows itself on Bribie and who is doing something to assist those in need.

Vegetation Protection Management Policy – Despite the many commitments given by the Mayor on downwards over many years, MBRC continues to be the only Council around Moreton Bay without a Vegetation Protection Management Policy.  In 2013, MBI will look at the effects that result from this lack of protection and the negative impact this lack of protection is having on the health of Moreton Bay, on property values, and on the general economy of Bribie.

“Ecotourism” in National Parks – Around 95% of Queensland is currently available for development for activities such as housing, agriculture, resource development, tourism and mining.  The other 5% is currently protected in National Parks and other special areas.  Yet the Queensland Government is now proposing to open up this remaining 5% for “ecotourism” – whatever that might be.  Bribie Island is an extremely fragile area and cannot withstand such disturbances.  In 2013, MBI will look at what “ecotourism” involves and what might be proposed for Bribie Island’s National Parks and special areas.  MBI will look at what efforts the Member for Pumicestone is making to ensure Bribie Island is protected.

Please come back and visit MyBribieIsland as these and other articles are posted during 2013.

            Editor, MyBribieIsland