2016 Local Government Elections

In early December, MBI Facebook posted a story regarding the upcoming Local Government elections that will be held on March 19, 2016. In that story, MBI sought input from readers on what characteristics and attributes they thought candidates for Division 1 should have. MBI would like to acknowledge the input received. Some of the responses received are shown in the Facebook article. It is clear that voters expect the following in their Division 1 candidates:

  • Must be a resident of Division 1
  • Must have a demonstrated record of contribution to the community through volunteer activities
  • Must have background and experience that is relevant to the demands of being a councillor including education, financial experience, demonstrated experience in interacting with the public, and demonstrated ability to communicate
  • Must have no skeletons in the closet
  • Must support the various directions adopted by Council over the years that are relevant to Bribie such as the Shoreline Erosion Management Plans, the Bribie Island Climate Adaptation Plan, MBRC’s Valuing Lifestyle – Community Plan 2021, and the Woorim Master Plan

Are there other characteristics that our next councillor should have? MBI is keen to hear from readers

Editor, MyBribieIsland





(reprinted from MyBribieIsland Facebook – December 1, 2015)


The next Local Government elections will be held on March 19, 2016. Some candidates have already announced they will be running for office. No doubt more candidates will emerge as March 19 approaches.

MyBribieIsland has already been asked what it will be doing to highlight potential election issues and to highlight what positions various candidates might be taking on those issues. In previous Local and State elections, MBI has sent out a list of questions to candidates and has published their responses. Judging by the number of visits that were made to the MBI site when those responses were published, that approach was well received. However a number of candidates chose not to respond to MBI’s questions including the incumbent member in a number of cases. That greatly reduced the effectiveness of that approach.

For the 2016 elections, MBI will list a number of criteria against which candidates can be evaluated with a simple Yes / No. The evaluations will be based on various sources such as material in the public domain, material in candidates’ campaign literature (or website(s)), material forwarded to MBI by readers, and material forwarded by candidates if they choose to do so.

The first task though is to set out the criteria by which candidates can be evaluated. Some that have already been sent in to MBI include:

  • Lived in Division 1 for at least five years?
  • Has a demonstrated track record of membership of, and participation in, community support groups?
  • Supports the recommendations of the Woorim Beach Shoreline Erosion Management Plan?
  • Supports the recommendations of the Woorim Master Plan?
  • Supports the recommendations of the Bribie Island Climate Adaptation Plan?

What do you think should be set as evaluation criteria? MBI is keen to hear from you.


Editor, MyBribieIsland