Who Are The Candidates For MBRC Division 1 And What Do They Stand For?

In its Facebook posting of last December 1, MBI advised that the upcoming council elections would be held on March 19.  So far as MBI is aware, three people have now announced they will be contestants in that election for Division 1.  In that December 1 posting, MBI also advised that for the 2016 elections MBI proposed to draw up a list of criteria against which candidates can be evaluated with a simple Yes / No.

The December Facebook posting generated quite a deal of interest, and MBI would like to acknowledge the input and suggestions it has received for evaluation criteria to go onto that list.  This list is still a work in progress but readers can click here to see the partly completed list.

What do readers think of this list? Is it complete enough? Will it help voters understand what candidates stand for? What other questions should be added? Should any of these questions be removed?

MBI is keen to hear from readers about this proposed list of questions and readers’ input would be appreciated. MBI is still searching for some Yes / No questions that can be added to the section “Support for the Business Community”.   Suggestions in that area would be especially welcome

Editor, MyBribieIsland