March 7 is Clean Up Australia Day (CUAD) across all of Australia.  It is an opportunity for individuals, schools and businesses to help clean up the area around them.  CUAD had its beginnings when its founder, the late Ian Kiernan, wanted to do something to clean up his local area on Sydney Harbour.  That was back in the 1980’s.  Thanks to Ian Kiernan’s vision and endless drive and inspiration, CUAD has become the nation’s largest community mobilisation effort.  It has become a fixture on the annual Australian calendar and has spawned similar efforts overseas.

Australians, sadly, are among the worst in the world for littering the environment.  And even more sadly, Queenslanders are the worst in Australia for littering.  And even sadder than that, Bribie Island is one of the most littered sites in Queensland.  Here is a chance to do something about that.  Below is the list of sites that are registered (as of Feb 28) with CUAD for Bribie Island.  All sites are “open” and would welcome volunteers to join.

More information about CUAD cab be found on their website at   More information on clean-up sites can be found on the CUAD website at


Sponsor Location Time
Bribie Bowls Club On the foreshore opposite the Bowls Club.  Cleaning up adjacent beach areas 8.00 – 11.00
Bribie Island Rotary Meet in picnic shelter at Rotary Park, cnr North Street and 8th Avenue.  Cleaning up Rotary Park and adjacent beach areas 7.00 – 9.00
Unknown sponsor (Supervisor – Sarah Finnigan) Meeting at Tintooki Park near the fenced playground.  Cleaning up Tintookie Park 7.30 – 9.00
Oz-Fish – Pumicestone Passage Cleaning Up Dux Creek and associated roadside drains along Hornsby Road and Goodwin Drive

Note:  Ali King’s web entry notes this cleanup site as… “from the Bribie Bridge to the VMR in Bellara”.

9.00 – 11.00
Unknown Sponsor (Supervisor – Chelsea Kahler) Meet at Bribie Island Surf Club Car Park.  Cleaning south to Red Beach 7.00 onwards
Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Pumicestone Passage side of White Patch Esplanade opposite Coondiba Street.  Look for BIEPA banner.  Cleaning up Esplanade and adjacent beach areas 7.30 – 10.30
Unknown Sponsor (Supervisor – Kylie Holloway) Starting at the park beside VMR Bribie Island and heading in all directions to collect as much as we can. 8.30 – 10.30


Sadly, no business (or business organisation) has registered on the CUAD site as of today (Feb 28) to support this initiative.  Where are business organisations like the Bribie Island Chamber of Commerce?  Businesses catering to the tourist industry (like food outlets and rental agencies) are the big beneficiaries from a cleaner and more attractive Bribie Island.  They should be playing a key role and not just leaving it to volunteer community groups to do all the heavy lifting.

According to information supplied by CUAD to participants regarding the garbage that is picked up each year, the bulk of the rubbish that will be collected on March 7 will consist of drink containers, coffee cups, and other packaging from takeaway items from food outlets.  The lack of participation by food outlets (and other creators of the garbage that will be picked up) is therefore very disappointing.    MBI has previously commented on the amount of garbage left by 4WD’ers on Bribie’s beaches.  The lack of support for CUAD again this year by the 4WD community is also disappointing.  Its no wonder the 4WD community is becoming quite unwelcome for many residents of Bribie

It’s not too late to participate.  Sign up now.  Everyone is welcome.

Editor, MyBribieIsland