Editor’s Note  (Posted April 2):

A number of readers have brought MBI’s attention to various comments on various web sites that claim that this posting by MBI is promoting a petition to ban recreational beach 4WD’ing.  On behalf of those involved with MBI, we want to respond to those claims.

MBI, as the website says, was created by Bribie Islanders to publish stories about Bribie Island for Bribie Islanders.  MBI does not promote any cause other than the need to care for, and protect, this wonderful piece of the world so that it can be enjoyed by this generation and those to come.

In regards to the petition referred to in these internet posts, the petition that is linked to the story below does not call for a ban on recreational beach 4WD’ing.  It is unfortunate that those who have taken to the internet to criticise MBI and this petition have obviously not read it

Editor, MyBribieIsland


Original article posted March 25

MBI brings the attention of readers to a petition that was launched this week to restrict recreational 4WD’ing on Bribie’s beaches.

Back in 2010, the Auditor General issued a scathing report on the management of Queensland’s national parks.  The Auditor General noted that only about 20% of Queensland’s parks had a management plan.  Despite various promises to address this situation, most parks, including Bribie’s National Park, have no management plans in place.

In the absence of any management plan for Bribie’s National Park and protected areas, the Petition calls on the Minister for Environment to implement some restrictions on recreational 4WD’ing on Bribie’s beaches.  The Petition comments that this driving is just out of control.  MBI encourages readers review the petition that can be accessed through the link below and sign it if in support.  Some photos supplied to MBI that show some of the destruction that is currently occurring are attached.  MBI expresses its thanks to those who supplied photos

Editor, MyBribieIsland

  South Pacific loggerhead turtle returning to the ocean after nesting on Bribie’s beaches just north of Woorim

  Turtle hatchling making its way to the ocean

  Donuts in sand from overnight 4WD’ers.  A very common sight

  4WD tracks in turtle nesting habitat on Bribie’s beaches.  Note the camper on the LHS of the picture illegally camping in the dunes

  Swamp wallaby killed by overnight 4WD’ers.  Sadly, a common sight on Bribie’s beaches

  4WD’ers at high tide driving over, and destroying, turtle habitat

  Local residents expressing frustrations with the ever increasing number of 4WD’ers

  Local resident and former Member for Pumicestone, Rick Williams, learning how hatchlings cannot escape 4WD wheel ruts.  Any hatchlings that fall into 4WD ruts will never make it to the ocean and will perish